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A world renowned vacation experience.

Polar bears, Inuit culture and mile high mountains in Canada’s newest park. Explore northern Labrador in the Torngat Mountains National Park, with mountains over 1,600 metres, rising directly from the water in massive fjords.

  • Arrive at Basecamp on your charter flight from Goose Bay.
  • Using the zodiacs and other boats, spend days exploring the fjords that define this coastline.
  • To get a feeling for the shear isolation and scale of northern Labrador, camp out at the base of the mountains.
  • Visit Hebron, the abandoned community host to the historic Moravian church.
  • Helicopter tours are available! Seeing the mile-high mountains from above is an experience not to be missed, particularly for photos.
  • Going home on Day 8? The charter takes you back to Goose Bay. Staying for the optional 4 day hike? Load your pack!

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Tour the Torngats

Price Includes

  • Charter flight from Goose Bay to Saglek and return.
  • Accommodations in camps.
  • All meals.
  • Guides.
  • Shuttles around the park by speed boat and longliner.

Clients are required to supply their own clothing and sleeping bags. A suggested equipment list will be sent to you. If this adventure appeals to you contact us and we can provide more details.

Space is limited so don’t delay!

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Explore the Torngats and experience Inuit culture.

This tour explores the northern extremes of Labrador. The highlight of the trip is the Torngat Mountains National Park. With mountains over a mile high, and fjords that slice into them for many miles, it is a dramatic landscape. Polar Bears and Black Bears patrol the territory while icebergs drift south from Greenland. Our days will be filled exploring the coast and fjords by boat and walking in the mountains and on the tundra. Meals will feature local foods and the entire trip will be an exploration of local Inuit culture as much as the landscape. An optional helicopter tour over the mountains and seashore to view the park, icebergs and animals is available. When we set out to explore the Torngats prepare to be awestruck by the magnificent scenery and landscape viewed through an Inuit cultural lens. Our past clients agree – living day to day with our Inuit partners not only brought their history alive but also added unexpected depth to our understating of the land and the sea. Traditional food was often our daily fare, from fresh arctic char cooked on hot rocks over an open fire at sunset to snacking on traditional plants as we hike. In all our adventures, we endeavour to remove anything that can come between the traveler and the experience. In Labrador one of the subtlest barriers to truly appreciating the land and the Inuit world is our own culture. Step away from the trappings of western society and allow our Inuit hosts to introduce you to an ancient and still vibrant world. We travel only with what we need to remain safe and comfortable but we leave behind the excess accoutrements that actually separate us from appreciating the experience.

Keeping You Safe

Never underestimate wildlife.

Safety – Our primary concern is safety. Our guides are experienced on the land and trained in a wide range of emergency situations specific to this area.

A bit about Polar Bears:

Polar bears are present in the Torngat Mountains year round. As a consequence we take every precaution to ensure your safety. At all times you will be accompanied by two guides including an armed Inuit guide, and at night you will camp in areas that are surrounded by an electric and alarmed fence. In addition, your Linkum Tours guide will have a trained and experienced bear dog that will accompany you on all excursions.

Nature & Culture in Perfect Balance

Tours to suit your tastes and pace.

This is a place where untouched nature and vibrant cultures blend to create perfect memories. Icebergs, whales and birds await you in Newfoundland, while polar bears patrol the rugged landscape of Labrador.

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