Customized holiday experiences.

Sightseeing Tours

Relax & Revel

Our most relaxed pace for those who enjoy scenery and cultural experiences.

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Wildlife Viewing Tours

Meet the locals.

The province is three times the size of England, with a fraction of the population, making it more likely you’ll be rubbing elbows with a moose than a commuter.

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Biking & Kayaking Tours

Pedals & Paddles

Explore our rugged coastline and breathtaking seaside scenery with these tours.

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Western Newfoundland

Photography Tour

Icebergs, moose, abandoned fishing wharves and boats – all targets to keep your shutter busy.

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Walking Vacations

Exercise in the Elements

Just enough activity to appreciate supper and sleep well, but not enough to regret it the next day!

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Zodiac Tours

Get closer to towering icebergs and hulking whales.

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Group/Cruise Tours

Whether you’re coming our way for a short stop on a larger cruise journey, or traveling en masse with family, friends or colleagues, we have the services to suit.

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Nature & Culture in Perfect Balance

Tours to suit your tastes and pace.

This is a place where untouched nature and vibrant cultures blend to create perfect memories. Icebergs, whales and birds await you in Newfoundland, while polar bears patrol the rugged landscape of Labrador.

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