Fjords, Icebergs & Moose

World Renowned

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Gros Morne National Park is the place where, millennia ago, continents collided, sending huge, flat-topped mountains high into the sky. Here, glaciers spent thousands of years carving out breathtaking fjords. Moose roam, eagles soar and caribou leap in this place of solitude and dramatic natural beauty. Let these five days be an adventure that brings you a lifetime of memories.

Escape to the solitude and dramatic beauty of Gros Morne National Park. The UNESCO World Heritage site will awe you with its contrasts in scenery and culture. Lunch at the top of 2000ft cliffs, hike through an unearthly valley of the earth’s ancient core and explore a landlocked fjord on Newfoundland’s most famous boat tour.

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Per Person

  • Per Person Price: $1100 + tax, based on double occupancy
  • All prices are in Canadian dollars. Applicable taxes include 15% HST.


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Tour Inclusions

  • Four nights lodging
  • Fjord boat tour
  • Park fees
  • Theatre performance
  • Rental vehicle



Big landscapes and little towns.

Start with a visit to Gros Morne National Park’s Discovery Centre to understand the culture and nature that make this a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The tiny but active outport of Trout River lies at the base of the Mars-like Tableland Mountains. After strolling the base of the mountains, the outport offers culture (and food!) to delight you.

The fjords are an icon of Gros Morne and your visit will take you to new heights with a boat tour through them.

The towns scattered throughout the park are host to museums, artisans and restaurants that bring the local history and foods to you.

Icebergs are a spectacle that you can’t appreciate without experiencing them yourself.

Spend an evening sampling local cuisine and customs and see for yourself why Newfoundlanders are the friendliest people on earth.

As for the perfect finale, why not leave Gros Morne in search of icebergs amongst the sheltered bays east of the park. The spectacle of these 10,000 year old ice giants as they migrate south and meet the whales on their northward journey is invariably humbling.

Let these five days be an adventure that brings you a lifetime of memories.

Nature & Culture in Perfect Balance

Tours to suit your tastes and pace.

This is a place where untouched nature and vibrant cultures blend to create perfect memories. Icebergs, whales and birds await you in Newfoundland, while polar bears patrol the rugged landscape of Labrador.

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