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Enjoy the Ride

Enjoy the iconic rides of Newfoundland without the constraints of a large group. Feel free to dawdle, explore a side road on a whim, or spend the day on the wharf learning to clean cod. It’s just you, your bike and all that this cyclist’s paradise has to offer!

Our goal is to let you wander Newfoundland and Labrador with the option of hopping on the bikes for the best sites and routes. Spouse needing to burn off last night’s feast? Drop them 50 kms short of the nearest outport and meet up for a more civilized ride when they arrive!

Package Pricing



Per Person

  • Cost is based on your needs.


Package details

Tour Inclusions

What we offer:

  • Your own vehicle with bikes and any other gear you may need.
  • Suggested bike routes ranging from two hours to two days. Park the car and head off on a cycling adventure!
  • Accommodations. We love historic and scenic inns but you can choose tents, luxury or anything in between.
  • Other must-do adventures including boat tours with whales, kayaking, hiking into fjords, theatre performances…
  • Maps, background info and all the logistics needed to keep you worry-free but thrilled.


Tour Your Way

True Independence

When travelling we have felt limited by the choices of either joining a full scale bike tour or only being able to rent a bike occasionally – and never at the ideal times. Truly independent bike trips where your schedule is set only by your internal clock and desires.

Nature & Culture in Perfect Balance

Tours to suit your tastes and pace.

This is a place where untouched nature and vibrant cultures blend to create perfect memories. Icebergs, whales and birds await you in Newfoundland, while polar bears patrol the rugged landscape of Labrador.

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